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    Strategic Plan

  • Strategic vision

  • Analysis of the environment : weak signals, big shift, ...

  • Benchmarking

  • Strengths and weaknesses, strategic assets

  • Strategic initiatives brainstorming

  • Criterias for strategic scenarios

  • Strategic scenarios and impact analysis

  • Strategic plan

  • Implementation plan

    Performance          management​


  • Governance and organisation

  • Project management

  • Cost Optimization

  • Processes design and optimization

  • Shared Service Centers




Value creation

Value creation is the foundation of any strategy and more generally of any project.

Mastering the concepts of value creation allows a better selection of strategies or projects to launch and gives greater credibility to managers vis-à-vis their hierarchy.

Strategic plan​


3 or 5 years strategic plans are now a must for any top management vis-à-vis its bankers and investors.

This training session aims to show the process and the tools to design a strategic plan.

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