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Pham Tran Dung



CayBo Consulting is a consulting firm dedicated to strategy and innovation. Its offering targets both big groups and SMEs and proposes specific services to SMEs. 

CayBo Consulting was created in 2013 by Dung Pham Tran, who has worked as CIO for international companies and CEO of consulting firms before joining the French Postal Operator as Group Strategy Director.


Beside traditional consulting projects, coaching and training, CayBo Consulting offers to its clients the opportunity to receive a weekly innovation intelligence report for ASEAN.


CayBo Consulting's philosophy is to work with pleasure and in well-being conditions for both employees, customers, and partners.

Caybo Consulting also wishes to participate in the development of the Vietnamese economy by importing Western working methods but adapted to the Vietnamese culture.

Caybo Consulting is committed to helping employees feel valued and inspired. We aim to attract, retain, empower, and motivate our employees and to create an inclusive environment where all feel welcome.

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