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Yes, you can !

Top managers or managers in charge of strategy are not always used to strategic planning or to implementing new strategies.

They often choose to rely on consulting firms. But they could also do it internally by being coached by very senior consultants who have had such operational experiences.

There is no single strategy for a company.

The choice of a strategy depends crucially upon the vision of shareholders and managers.

Business Intelligence has become essential to react quickly to changes in the competitive environment. General publications are not enough relevant, companies need business intelligence that suits their business and context of the moment.

Performance Management

Even if business processes are at the top level, weak performance management will lead to failure.

Project Implementation

Even if world class strategy has been defined, project execution is still a challenging point to reach strategy results.

Risk Management

Efficient Operational Risk Management helps firms reduce their Basel equity requirement.

Value Creation

Value creation is the foundation of any strategy and more generally of any project.

Mastering the concepts of value creation allows a better selection of strategies or projects to launch and gives greater credibility to managers vis-à-vis their hierarchy.

Strategic Plan

3 or 5 years strategic plans are now a must for any top management vis-à-vis its bankers and investors



CayBo Consulting is a consulting firm dedicated to strategy. Its offering targets both big groups and SMEs and proposes specific services to SMEs. 

CayBo Consulting was created by Dung Pham Tran, who has worked as CIO for international companies and CEO of consulting firms before joining the French Postal Operator as Group Strategy Director.


Outside traditional consulting projects, coaching and training, CayBo Consulting offers to its clients the opportunity to receive a weekly innovation intelligence report for ASEAN.


CayBo Consulting's philosophy is to work with pleasure and in well-being conditions for both employees, customers, and partners.

Caybo Consulting also wishes to participate in the development of the Vietnamese economy by importing Western working methods but adapted to the Vietnamese culture.



Caybo Consulting is committed to help employees feel valued and inspired. We aim to attract, retain, empower, and motivate our employees and to create an inclusive environment where all feel welcome.

Caybo Consulting offers short- and long-term work opportunities in diverse and challenging environments. To learn more about the exciting opportunities, check our career page and submit your resume.

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