Operational coaching offers aim to help managers succeed in strategy & project implementation.


They cover hard skills (how to guarantee value creation, how to address risks, how to follow up performances) and soft skills (management skills, communication skills, ...).

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Top managers or managers in charge of strategy are not always used to strategic planning or to implementing new strategies. They often choose to rely on consulting firms.


But they could also do it internally by being coached by very senior consultants who have had such operational experiences.

Business Intelligence has become essential to react quickly to changes in the competitive environment.


General publications are not enough relevant, companies need business intelligence that suits their business and context of the moment.

Value creation is the foundation of any strategy and more generally of any project.


This one-day course is aimed at all managers who have to launch strategic or operational projects. These managers can be in charge of business units, strategy, marketing, IT, organization, cost control, ...


Mastering the concepts of value creation allows a better selection of strategies or projects to launch and gives greater credibility to managers vis-à-vis their hierarchy.

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